What is the term of the lease?

All leases are usually for a term of one year.  It is rare that the term will be for a shorter period.  If a current tenant wants to assign the lease, the new tenant would potentially have a shorter term.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, all tenants are required to carry tenant’s liability and contents insurance (which would cover their personal belongings and any issue they are liable for).  The Owners’ policy covers only their contents and liability concerns.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone of legal age (usually a parent or relative) who accepts joint financial responsibility for the tenant’s obligation and is liable to pay the rent if the tenant, for any reason, is unable to pay any amount owing (any shortfall in rent, rent arrears, other charges etc.).

All residents who are not working full time and can provide stable income to support the rent, will require a guarantor.

What is the deposit?

The deposit is the last month’s rent.  Once your application is approved you will need to provide last month’s rent to confirm your tenancy.  First month’s rent will be due upon signing the lease, once all tenants are confirmed and a meeting time can be arranged.  Instructions will be sent to approved applicants with e-transfer instructions.

Is there a mail box?

Yes – Ottawa has a community mailbox system.  The community boxes are located closeby.  Each unit will be provided with one mailbox key to pick up your mail.  The key is to be shared by the others in your unit.  The box is shared by all in the house.

Can I smoke in my room?

No.  Smoking of any kind is not permitted in the unit at all and this is outlined in the lease.  Smoking is only permitted outside and a minimum of 9 meters from any entrance.

Can I get out of the lease if I need to?

Yes.  You have the option to sublet or assign your lease.  A sublet is for a specific period after which you plan to return.  An assignment is for the remaining period of the lease and any renewal thereafter (you intend to leave permanently).  Landlords will provide any necessary paperwork and advertising information as needed.  You will be responsible for advertising and finding the new tenant/sub-tenant and obtaining their application (which we will provide).  The applicant must be approved by the landlord(s).

Can I do a shorter term?

Shorter terms are not normally available.  Most of our units are rented to groups of 4 people wanting to rent together.

What is included in my rent?

A private room, shared common spaces, utilities (gas, electricity, water & sewer and wi-fi) and some furniture – please refer to our “What’s Included” page for more detail.

How is rent paid?

Once an application is approved separate instructions will be provided for payment of deposit and on-going rent payments.  The preferred method is via e-transfer.  Other options are available if required.

What do I need to buy and bring with me?

You will need to bring your personal belongings, a small dresser/storage drawers, personal linens (sheets, blankets, towels etc.) along with all kitchen supplies (pots, dishes, cutlery, toaster, kettle etc).  You may want to meet with the other tenants to go over kitchen supplies and determine who will bring what.

Is there extra storage space?

Additional storage space is not available unless otherwise stated in the lease.

Are pets allowed?

No.  This is a private home with shared ventilation.  We have a no pets policy as we are trying to respect individual allergies/sensitivities etc.

Do I get receipts for rent payments?

Yes.  We issue formal receipts annually in February for the previous year, for tax purposes.  When paying monthly by e-transfer (preferred method), your e-transfer confirmation is your temporary monthly receipt.

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